The Month Is Over.

Friday, November 13, 2015

It’s really not that I do not want to write. Or that I no longer have anything to say. It’s just that before I know it, it’s been a month since I have last written. It always surprises me how quickly time is passing, because I keep thinking that it’s been just a week or two that I last posted here. We keep thinking that once we settle down life will become calmer and slower, because you know, the words “settle down” kind of implies that. But it’s such a lie. It doesn’t get calmer, but it doesn’t necessarily get crazier either. It gets blurrier. Before you know it, you don’t really know where your days go. They just go somewhere.

I should keep track now. Of the sips of coffee I take in the mornings, and the cookies I bake in the evenings and the flowers I water in the afternoons and the trails I hike on Saturdays and the books I manage to finish in a month (which, sadly, is a very low number). I must keep track or I will have nothing that’ll flash before my eyes when it all ends. I must remember the letter I wrote sitting at dining table this afternoon, and the lemon scented candle I lit this evening, and the friend I spoke to after ages, and the squirrels that came to the patio, and the little sparrows that crowded the street this afternoon eating god knows what on the ground (they even stopped traffic).

If there is anything I am learning, it’s this: If we don’t make conscious efforts to make our lives matter to ourselves, it won’t. It won’t matter to us and it wont matter to anyone else. We must hold on to moments we have, grasp on to life’s little joys while we can. Because if we don’t, we wont even know when a month has passed by, and then another, and then another until there are no more months left.

Sigh. I hope you are with me dear readers. Because I do hope that I write, and I do hope that I come back before the month is over.

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  1. Why gap of a month?🙅
    You write great. Should write more at least one post a week.😜😍

  2. The same happens to me. I end up writing less frequently than I think I do.
    The days continue to tumble over each other and before you know it, its been a month.

  3. Sometimes, the same thing happens to me! I write less often than I would like....I have now started making a more conscious effort to update my isn't exactly a writer's block - but sometimes other things surround us and our writing takes a backseat.....

    I hope you are able to update your space more frequently :-) I like reading what you write :-)

  4. You already seem to be doing quite a lot. It's not so bad. So what if you're not writing. You're more fortunate than many others, who devote most of their time to work and then to family, with very little or absolutely no time for personal pursuits.

    Maybe then next post is just around the corner, Waiting for it :)


    Do drop by mine

  5. Why should we make effort to remember something we do? It becomes a memory. The retrieval is where the efforts should be worked at.

    And trust me even if you try to keep track it will be too much to hold onto. You would not feel the moment completely if you already start worrying about noting it somewhere.

    But as i see its a phase you are handling. Hopefully you will start penning down again. Even i am struggling to write nowadays what once i thought came naturally is taking indefinite amount of time to flow.

    Take care
    *Hoping to stick around*

  6. I don't have issues with writing but lately I felt I was writing the same thing and not seeming to learn the lesson... for that reason I decided not to write, at least for awhile. Reading other peoples words has been harder to give up, even for a little while but I must as I have neglected other things in my life and I need to sort them out...

    I'm glad to see you written again, I hope you find the time to write again soon ;-)

  7. Watering flowers in the afternoon is not good.
    And since you're telling me stories, I'll trust you.

  8. I am feeling the same way as you :) Hopefully we can all come back!

  9. "It gets blurrier. Before you know it, you don’t really know where your days go. They just go somewhere."

    the perfect description of life after "settling down" .... I can vouch for it :)

    but I would say still you are so lucky than me at least to be able to have "personal/me time" to some extent. The books you read in a month are still a positive number and not a zero :)

    always look forward to reading my most favorite blogger . may you always be happy and keep smiling :)

  10. I am sure all readers are still here ..

    I have this little theory you got to love yourself .. for others to love you ..


  11. "hope is the best thing that happened to humans"

  12. We are definitely there and extremely motivated to read your writings. Keep writing! I really enjoyed the squirrel part of this post. I thought that was pretty... Yes, life is in the fast forward, agreed.

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  15. Hey Raajii
    Where is love? Dint see it on your blog for log..please get it back ;P

  16. Present mam. Right here, albeit a little late:)

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  18. I know how exhausting it can feel to maintain a long writing process - but you simply have to come back - we are listening to your story unfold.
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  19. Hey raji where r u? Miss ur words dear :(

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  21. I get it completely. The track of my days...hold fast, notice, enjoy. thank you!

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